About Us
A1 Energy is an important part of the Bingham Family of Companies. The Bingham companies traces their roots back to the early 1800’s, in the Arizona Territory.  First operating freight Wagons along the San Pedro River Valley between the US Army Forts, then to the new settlements, that were springing up. Fort Bowie, Fort Grant, Fort Huachuca, Fort Thomas,Tombstone, Tucson, Wilcox, El Paso histories all intertwine With our early company history.

We are truly a family company. Uncle’s, Son’s, Grandsons, Nieces and Nephews, to this day steel work in the Family Businesses. To the early Freight Business was added Construction, Construction Equipment, Farming, Farming Equipment, Livestock and Ranching, to name a few.

Progressive, forward thinking has brought us from the Horse and Buggy era to the TWENTY FIRST CENTURY. Are roots are Firmly planted in the history of the past but our family branches Stretch to the heavens in the future.  The Great Great Grandchildren Dream of running the first Freight Line, to the Moon.

The future is; SOLAR POWER, WIND POWER, ENERGY RECYCLING, ENERGY RECOVERY and GEO Thermal. We look to POWER to as the KEY to the future.

Business to Thrive is the near future must control its ENERGY COSTS And ENERGY SOURCES. A1 Energy has positioned itself To be a major player in providing ENERGY for the FUTURE.

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