• Retrofit that can work with any existing water heater
  • Fastest payback in the industry
  • Also available as an Energy Star certified integrated unit

AirTap™retrofit products can attach to your existing water heater – gas or electric. Before purchasing a retrofit product, ensure that your water heater

- has not developed a leak or is nearing the end of its expected life span
- has standard hot & cold ports
Once installed, AirTap™ takes charge of heating water and the existing water heater becomes a water storage tank. For maximum savings, it is recommended that the existing water heater be disconnected.

AirTap™ is currently available in a 7,000 BTU version called A7.


AirTap is also available as an Energy Star certified integrated or replacement version, integrating heat pump technology into an electric hot water heater.

AirTap Integrated comes in 50 (ATI50) and 66 (ATI66) gallon capacities and offers the following unique features:

  • High grade stainless steel tank
  • Direct immersion structure provides maximum efficiency
  • Equipped with refillable anode rod
  • Air inflow and outflow vent adapters
  • Automatic controls with multiple operation modes

Super Anode Rod

The Problem


The US Department of Energy estimates that 7.3 million water heaters fail each year. While they end up in a landfill, you end up buying a new water heater.
Yet again

What if you could make your water heater last a lifetime?

Immerse a nail in water and leave it for a few days. What you see happening to the nail is what's happening to your water heater. Day in and day out.

Your brand new water heater is exposed to corrosion from the moment it's hooked up. Tank failure is not a question of if but when. Electric and gas water heaters are generally equipped with a sacrificial anode rod that runs the length of the tank. It deflects the corrosive attack onto itself, providing respite to the water heater.

Unfortunately Anode rods last for a few years only. As they deplete, water heaters lose their shield to corrosion. Its no surprise therefore that anode depletion is the number one cause of water heater failures.


Anode rods expose aluminum, magnesium or zinc directly to water inside the water heater
Anodic chunks may start falling off the rod in a few months. Not only does this reduce the effective life of the rod, it also raises contamination and odor concerns.

While inspection and, if required, replacement of the anode rod is recommended every 2-3 years, it is not always feasible to do so.

In many water heaters the anode rod is attached below the surface – retrieval and replacement are laborious. You may also require substantial overhead space to take off an old anode rod as its length may exceed
four feet.


The Solution

SuperAnode from AirGenerate is the world’s first refillable anode rod. It has been designed to address the limitations posed by traditional anode rods.

The SuperAnode consists of a micro-porous tube with anodic filling in the form of pellets. Even though the anode material is not directly exposed to water, the tube allows counter-corrosion ion flow.

Ever lasting anode
The SuperAnode utilizes its entire anodic content – unlike regular anode rods, there is no wastage in the form of disintegrating pieces. Each filling lasts longer than a regular anode rod.

Upon depletion, the tube can be refilled with anodic pellets by simply unscrewing the metal cap. It’s like having a new anode rod without replacing the old one.

No anode residue or debris

Regular anode rods disintegrate upon usage, leaving anode residue or debris in the tank.

SuperAnode minimizes risk of contamination and odor by keeping the anodic material intact. Residue build up at the bottom of the water heater is completely eliminated.

Easy handling, even in limited overhead space

The SuperAnode is light and flexible. It can be installed or taken out even if the overhead space is tight.




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