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The Full Solution: 10kw and 20kw

The A1Energy Power Pallet is a complete biomass power generation solution that converts woody biomass to electricity, heat, and PTO shaft power.  It is a compact, integrated and fully automated system –from wood chips in, to power out– delivered at the breakthrough price of $1-$2/watt.

The Power Pallet is comprised of the A1Energy Hot TOTTI multi-stage gasifier, spark fired industrial engine, generator head, and electronic controller. The system automatically adjusts syngas/air mixture via a wide band Bosch oxygen sensor, shakes the grate when needed, and removes ash via a mechanical auger. The Gasifier Control Unit (GCU) monitors and responds to all internal reactor, filter and engine conditions, displaying the results on an LCD screen.

Power Pallets are available in 10kw and 20kw sizes, using Kubota or GM industrial engines. Genheads are configurable to single, split or three phase, at 120/208/240vac, 60hz or 50hz.


Why it’s different

The A1Energy Power Pallet is the culmination of our long-standing project to create an expertly engineered, small-scale gasification solution that is realistic for today’s user.  While personal scale gasification has long held tremendous promise, the realities of making it work usually prove too much for regular mortals.  The high bar of operator expertise and extreme sensitivity to fuel particulars, usually combine to make what seems simple in principle, exceedingly difficult in practice.

The Power Pallet has significantly widened this window for success by embedding the needed “expertise” in an onboard electronic brain.   These smarts are further extended by a multi-stage gasification architecture, and an innovative “waste heat” capture and recycling system– what we call the Tower of Total Thermal Integration (Hot TOTTI).   In traditional systems, hot engine exhaust and hot output wood gas have been “problems” requiring extra space and cooling components to counter.  With the A1Energy Hot TOTTI, we’ve transformed these “wastes” into useful new inputs to the gasification process.  It’s like adding a new “free” heat source to fix the old and well known thermal challenges of a gasifier.

This Gasifier-Engine thermal integration significantly improves tar conversion, fuel flexibility and general efficiency of the gasifier-engine system.  It enables the A1Energy to solve the tar issue in the reactor, not via a large downstream filtering system, saving much cost, complexity and installation footprint in the process.

The result is a compact and technically advanced solution.  It is a solution that can deliver the hands-off, non-tended operation we expect from contemporary power generation equipment.  And given its minimized component architecture, we can also deliver it an unprecedented price point that makes ROI sense without subsidies or other artificial financial supports.

(Note, the above features graphic shows the Power Pallet with a Kohler engine.  We’ve now switched to Kubota and GM engines.)

Engine and Genhead Options

The Power Pallet is available in two basic forms: 10kw and 20kw.  The 1okw unit is uses a Kubota 3cyl 962cc spark fired engine.  The 20kw unit uses a GM 4cyl 3.0 liter spark fired engine.  Both of these engines are extreme longevity, all cast iron industrial engines, optimized for dry gaseous fuels.  They both have long track records of exceeding 10,000 hours of run life.  Actual longevity of the engine is, as always, highly dependent on your maintenance schedule.

Either engine option is mated to a Mecc alte genhead of related size.  These genheads have automatic voltage frequency and 3x rated amperage at surge for high machinery start capacity.  The genheads are 12 wire so they can be configured to single, split or three phase, in wye or delta configuration.  They support all common global voltages, 120, 208, 240 and 400 vac, at either 50hz or 60hz.

Actual power produced is highly dependent on the fuel shape, size and moisture content.  Solid biomass is not the consistent fuel source like we assume with diesel or gasoline.  We have used “10kw” and “20kw” as an average of what can be expected for continuous running.  Your actual experience might be slightly above or below this.

Purchase and Shipping

10kw GEK Power Pallet, Kubota engine – Mecc alte genhead: $19,095

20kw GEK Power Pallet, GM engine – Mecc alte genhead: $28,995

Skids are built in the common 48″ x 48″ form factor, so can ship via typical pallet freight services.  Shipping weight is approximately 850lbs/400kg  Shipping within the continental US is $500-800.  Overseas is usually in the $1800-2500 range, but inquire for specifics.

To place your order by phone, call 800-264-2767 ext.114 during the hours of 7 AM and 6 PM Mountain Standard Time. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss your intended project.

If you would like to pay by wire transfer, or need a formal invoice, please write to us at

All prices are freight on board, Berkeley, CA, 94710. California sales tax of 8.75% applies to all orders within California.

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