Solar Freeezer

Solar Refrigerator-Solar Freezer


If you have five hours of sunlight per day you can now have refrigeration.


One of the problems of OFF GRID living has been keeping perishable

Food fresh. Early Pioneers used many ingenious methods to cool there

Perishables. I was told as a child of a contraption called a springhouse.

A building was constructed of rock and cement. Water was diverted

 down the walls. Burlap was placed in the doors and windows. The

children were assigned to keep the burlap wet. The evaporation cooled

the food 15 to 20 degrees lower than day time temperature. Milk would

last several days longer than sitting out warm.


Modern Day OFF GRID pioneers have many of the same problems

That faced the first pioneers. Now there is a solution to keeping food

Cool and fresh, the SOLAR FREEZER. Conventional freezers use

A single speed AC motor connected to a conventional compressor.

To use PV power a converter had to be placed in the circuit. This

Used a lot of the PV power and had limited functionality on cloudy

Days. One of the advantages of DC motors is there ability to be

Variable speed. If the sunlight is low the DC motor will steel turn.

If connected to a variable speed compressor some cooling takes

Place even when sunlight is low.


The new 3rd generation Refrigerators,
combine state of the art
Electronics and new refrigerants, which has
no Freon. 
The solar refrigerator’s thermal storage material provides
7 days
of backup cold storage. the unit can to run on as little as 80
to 120 watts of PV power and can be either 12 or 24
DC volts.

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