Waste Heat Generator
Imagine an electric generator that is powered by low-grade WASTE HEAT to produce limitless low cost electricity. Well imagine no more. They took traditional components, assembled with 3rd generation technology and created a power source for the future that is hear today! Without a subsidy payback is three years or less. If connected in series, they can produce MILLIONS of watts of nearly FREE ELECTRICAL POWER.

WASTE HEAT as low as 200 F can produce 50,000 WATTS of clean electric POWER. The WASTE HEAT can be in many different forms; Stack Gas, Engine Exhaust, Stream, Water, Geothermal, BIOMASS, Micro Turbines, BIO GAS.


The hart of process is the Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC). The graphic below shows the working process for the Waste Heat Generator. IT uses a non-flammable, eco-friendly refrigerant, which was selected for high performance at low temperature.


Waste heat that is captured by the evaporator is used to "boil" the working fluid into a vapor. Under pressure, the vapor is forced through the screw expander, turning it to spin an electric generator. The vapor is cooled and condensed back into a liquid in the condenser. The working fluid liquid refrigerant is pressurized and returned to the evaporator to repeat the process.

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If your facility produces 200 F waste heat in the form of; liquid, steam or pressurized gas,

6,000 hours or longer per year YOU ARE LOOSING over $40,000.00 per year.

If you pay 6 cents per Kw you could pay your self back in 3 years of less.

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