Wind Turbins

WIND TURBINES have long been the backbone of a GREEN ENERGY strategy. Next to SOLAR POWER the wind is the most abundant form of GREEN energy on earth. The 3rd generation of wind turbines, have been redesigned in dozens of ways. Systems can be on-grid, off-grid, or a combination hybrid type.

Converting wind energy into power and work has been around for a thousand years or more. When it comes to wind it uses are only limited to your imagination. People have often dreamed of a small device that can be installed on the roof of a house, which can provide all their energy needs.


There are a number of types of wind generators. Research has been done on virtually every possible concept with the objective of producing the maximum amount of power for the lowest cost at the highest possible reliability. Conventional experimentation has found that the horizontal axis upwind or down wind design to be the best concept.

According to physics, the maximum amount of wind energy that can be converted is 59.3%. This is known as the Betz Limit. We have sought out the best of what is available.


One main consideration is the support system. 3rd generation towers are high tek. Guy

Wires are no longer necessary.  With serviceability in mind towers can tilt down, with winches. Cranes and bucket trucks are not needed. No more climbing dangerous lattice work.


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